Next HOA Meeting 01/23/2020 @ 5:30 PM in the BPCA Conference Room

4726 Bay Point Road, Panama City, Florida 32408, United States

(850) 778-2786

Bay Point Harbour Villas, INC

Bay Point Harbour Villas, INC

About Us

Basic FYI Info ℹ


 Harbour Villas one of many associations that belong to a "Master Association” (Bay Point Community Association or BPCA). The BPCA has its own rules and regulations that all residents of Bay Point must adhere to, as well as an annual assessment. Please contact their office @ (850) 234-2727 to obtain a copy of their documents or if you should have any questions about the BPCA membership or its fees. Please remember to provide BOTH associations a key to your unit to enable quick access to your unit in the event of an emergency. *Please remember to always lock your doors when you leave the property to prevent theft or unauthorized access to your unit and its contents. 

HOA Fees 💲


The 2019 Association fees for the Harbour Villa Condominiums are $275.00 per month or $825.00 per Quarter. These fees provide the following services:

  • Water/Sewer
  • Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance
  • Trash Pick-up Service
  • Pest Service
  • Exterior Building & Limited Liability Insurance
  • Exterior Structural Inspections, Grounds Maintenance & Safety Compliance
  • Limited Legal & Administrative Fees

additional information

Remember to Lockup 🔒

Keys locks Doors

Even though we have 24/7 security and gated entry. It does not mean that you should ignore the fact that crime exists. Please always remember to lock 🔒 your door when you leave. Also, remember to secure your vehicles parked on property. Harbour Villas and it's residents do a great job at looking after each other, however there has been a few cases of theft and unauthorized entry to units due to their being left unlocked. However, you do need to provide a current key 🔑  to BOTH Harbour Villas and the BPCA in order to receive your monthly Pest Services and in the event of an Emergency. We will always do our best to contact you prior entry in the event of an emergency (also a good reason to provide and keep current all of your contact information) In the event of an emergency and access is not readily available, then the association will have no other alternative but to drill the lock/s (*at the Owners expense)

We are a Pet Friendly Community, but please be considerate ☯ to your neighbors

pets pick up rules

Currently, Harbour Villas is a "Pet Friendly" 🐺☮🐱 Community. However, remember that Family's, as well as their children, play in and around the lawn and landscaping. Please be a responsible pet owner and remember to pick up after your pet (there are "Pet Stations" with bags and disposal bins located throughout the property for your convenience) if they are out of bags or damaged, please complete the Form located Contact Us button below to send us a message letting us know that the station needs attention.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that the Condo's OWNER will be held Responsible & Liable for their Renters and Guests (pets as included) Please be a Responsible Pet Owner. Everyone is required to follow the "Rules & Regulations". For additional rules & information regarding pets, please refer to your Condo Documents provided to you by your REALTOR® or Closing Company at the time of your condo purchase or you may download them from the website.

Every Vote ✔️ Counts!


Your Board of Directors work very hard to help keep provide you a fun, safe & enjoyable place to live, vacation or rent. However, in order for them to make decisions promptly and in the best interest of the majority of the property owners, they sometimes MUST have your Vote "in-person" at the meeting or your signed in-writing "proxy" to obtain a "quorum" in order to legally address or complete certain important or critical issues. IF the association is unable to obtain a "quorum", that issue may not be address or completed. This is process is NOT needed in EVERY case, however it's VERY important to READ/REVIEW ANY & ALL Official Information mailed or emailed to you from the Bay Point Harbour Villas, INC Condominium Association.


What is a proxy What is a quorum

  • "proxy" - (a person authorized to act on behalf of another via a written & signed document authorizing a person to vote on another's behalf)
  • "quorum" - (the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid)

Please stay alert ⚠️ & keep a close watch for small children and pets


We have people that get lost and don't pay attention sometimes. Lets all do our part in helping to avoid any accidents or "close calls"

"Official" Documents 📂

Condo Documents Docs Rules Regulations Bylaws important information

 This page is still being updated. These Documents will soon again be available for download. Until then, they can be emailed upon request.

           Bay Point Harbour Villas, INC

Other FAQs 💬 (coming soon)

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We receive alot of the same questions from our Owners. Soon, we will display the most frequently asked questions here, to help save everyone some time and hopefully provide some insight to help keep our owners informed.